4 Tips for a Westerner to Date with Filipina.

With the increase in dating sites, it is now possible for people from different faces of the globe to meet and chat. These sites have also led to inter-ethnic relationships; something that wasn’t the norm in the beginning of the century.

In the Philippines, more westerners are getting into relationships with Filipina girls. With the feminist movement sweeping through Western nations, most men are resulting to Asian girls who are more conservative. If you are one of these guys looking to date a Filipina, here are some tips to guide you:

1. Family

If there is a cultural value that many Filipinos take pride in, it is close family ties. There is a lot of closeness in Filipino families. In the society, everyone pitches in to raise the child from the grandparents, godfathers even to the neighbors. As such, when courting a Filipina girl, being in the family’s good books will go a long way in assuring the success of the relationship. In fact, a Filipino courtship involves the guy offering service to the girl’s family such as fetching water and fixing the roof so as to prove his devotion to her and her family.

2. Religion

The Philippines is a strict and conservative Roman Catholic country. As such, most Filipinas you come across observe Catholic practices including holidays and will wear religious paraphernalia such as the crucifix. For that reason, some girls may be keen on your religion. And even if they don’t care about your religion or whether you identify yourself in any, their family might, so have that in mind.

3. Filipina girls understand the implications of marriage

Some people may argue that Asian women are after Westerners for the money. However, it is important to note that gold diggers can be found everywhere, and it is therefore an unfair assessment of Filipina girls. In addition, Asian women have a more general understanding of the implications of marriage which the Western world largely ignores. For example, in the Western world, a man who is past his 40s is highly unlikely to set it off with a girl in her 20s. However, this is not so among Asian women. Young Asian ladies view older men highly as they know that they offer maturity and stability, something that they can’t get from younger men.

4. Conservative sexual values

Filipina girls tend to be conservative in their sexual values. Most will only express their sexuality when they are in a committed relationship. Most are also not promiscuous and tend to be faithful in their relationships.

Your dating endeavors need not hit the wall when dating a Filipina girl. With those tips, you will be on your way to a serious relationship.