Are You Interested in Filipino Dating? You’re Not Alone!

What is it like dating a Filipina woman or a Filipino man on interracial dating sites? If you’re never had the pleasure before, you can be certain it is a unique experience. Whether you’re thinking of traveling to find a Filipina wife or want to meet locals who are immigrants or children of immigrants, you will definitely notice some characteristics shared by the people.

Common Characteristics You Will Notice

For example, one thing that practically every Filipina has in common with one another is that they are family-oriented. There are close family ties and this is not necessarily a trend unique to the Philippines, but to most of Asia. There is a great deal of respect from child to parent, and it is common for families to stick together and take care of grandparents.

Actually traditional courtship in the Philippines sees the man doing service for the woman’s family as a sign of respect. This is the “proof” they want to see that you are serious in your intentions. You’re not just dating a woman…you are inheriting her family!

Filipinas tend to be more religious and more conservative than American women, or U.K. or Australian as well. Catholicism is a common faith here, as well as other Asian religions, though Catholicism is the predominant one. Besides matters of religion, when it comes to sex, many women are conservative and actually hold out for marriage before being intimate with a man. This not necessarily true of all Filipina women, but discussing sex as openly as Americans do, is generally frowned upon even among the liberals.

Be prepared to fed very well, as dinners are a big deal. Many singles remark that they are amazed at how much food the family makes when there is company and sometimes it takes days to prepare it all—and it’s more than enough. Other quirks you might notice include a love of karaoke and the desire to drink and party. Karoake is a fairly common custom, because having fun is an important way of bonding.

Filipina women tend to be very enthusiastic and very attentive to their male suitors, though they can be refreshingly blunt and not as “subtle” as Caucasian women. All in all, you will have a wonderful mate if you choose a woman from the Philippines. Politics can be an edgy discussion with the many changes in government happening, so you may want to avoid this topic, as well as any others that are controversial in nature.

What is notable is that it’s easier now than it ever has been to find interracial dating partners, including Filipina or Filipinos. Actually, many black men are attracted to Filipina women, and just as many women are interested in ebony dating. Additionally, some Filipina women are very attracted to black partners. It may be the cultural attraction, or simply a physical desire to get to know someone of a different color and personality type.

The easiest way to get started is to start searching for partners using a dating app, which can return to you the best filtered searches for faster and more effective dating.