Reviews of Tinder App 2018


Tinder is another popular app for singles to find filipino women. It is quickly proving itself to be the most popular dating app in the world. With a proven 50 million active users and having facilitated over 11 billion connections, no wonder it is on everybody’s mouth nowadays with even a movie to its credit. As such, the last thing you want is not to be in the know of the most popular dating app. Here to guide you in using the app is our breakdown of Tinder.

Tinder is a free app that you can download on the Appstore or on the Google Playstore. Once you have it installed, you then login via Facebook. The app uses the information on your Facebook profile to build your Tinder profile. It then finds your location via GPS and matches you with potential matches who are near you though you can get specific through specifying age and distance. If you are into a person, you simply swipe right, and left if you don’t dig them. If they also like you, you establish a mutual match where you are now able to message them.

So what’s a Tinder profile made of? Well, it comprises of your first name, your age, photos of your choice and pages you may have liked on Facebook. A recent update enables one to share their educational background and occupation in your bio so as to increase your chances of matches.

So what are the advantages to using the app to land a date? One, it is quick to set up an account. You don’t have to spend hours trying to come up with your profile. In a matter of minutes, you could be on your way to establishing a mutual match. Two, it models the normal dating process. You are at a bar and you spot an attractive lady, you approach them. In the same way you swipe right to a person you are interested in. Three, there are no unsolicited requests. On other dating sites, any person can email you and there’s no way to ward off people you are not interested in. However, on Tinder, only someone you have swiped right to can be able to message you. Four, there is no room for embarrassment. If you’ve ‘liked’ someone who’s way out of your league, they’ll never know unless they ‘like’ you back.

However, the app also has its fair share of setbacks. One, most guys on the app are looking for a quick hook up. As such, if you are after a serious relationship, this might not be the app for you. Two, ladies confess that it is hard for guys to initiate a conversation with them once they match. The ladies are therefore left with loads of matches.

Try your hand at Tinder to have your own experience.

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