8 Dating Tips for Men Interested in Filipina Women

Filipina women are known for their beauty and loyalty in a relationship. They are highly sought after as an exotic mate that can promise a lifetime of happiness. Just as they will honor and adore their partner, there are certain things that they expect from you in return. If you are starting to date a Filipina woman, here are eight helpful dating tips.


  1. Presentation is Everything. Every woman wants a man to show up for a date dressed his best. Your personal presentation sends the message that you are serious about her – or not. To send the right message, be sure that you are cleaned, shaven, and put together from clean fingernails to perfectly tailored clothes.
  2. Punctuality is Important. Being on time for your date shows a woman that you genuinely care and are making an effort. Plan accordingly for traffic and other delays. If an unavoidable problem arises that will make you late, then be sure to let her know.
  3. A Thoughtful Gift is a Nice Touch. During your courtship conversations, you should have learned a few things about your date. This insight into her favorite things gives you an easy platform for finding the perfect well thought out gift. Instead of going for the generic single rose or flowers, present her with an item you really think she will like.
  4. Chivalry is not Dead. Opening doors and complimenting a woman are seen as highly valuable in a relationship. Too many men have gotten lazy with this aspect of courtship and relationship maintenance. Step up your game and do these things if you want to impress and keep a Filipina woman.
  5. Be Attentive. Being in the moment and responding accordingly is another thing which you can do to truly woo a Filipina woman. As someone who will go the extra mile for you, she expects you to be paying attention to the things she says and be genuinely interested in what she is saying and doing. You show your attentiveness by asking questions and focusing on her instead of other things like your mobile device.
  6. Carry Conversation Topics. During the early stages of dating, it can be difficult to maintain conversation with your partner. Keep a list of questions you might want to ask her about her favorite things, adventures, lifestyle choices, and so on. Your cheat sheet of questions can make it easy for the conversation to flow.
  7. Be Polite at the End of the Night. Not only should you anticipate paying for the evening, but also have no assumptions of what might happen when the evening concludes. Be a gentleman and offer a first date kiss if the night went well. Should something else happen, you should let her guide it.
  8. Follow up. If there was chemistry between you and your Filipina woman, then be sure to follow up after the day within one day. Do not keep her guessing or wondering and do not assume she will pursue you. Know her value and show her that you value her by taking the extra step to follow up and invite her out again.