Helping Your Filipina Spouse Adjust to the USA

So that you have finally made it to marrying the love of your life now comes the point where you have to take her and shift abroad to where you live. This might be very difficult for your Filipino wife since this is probably the first time where she is being separated from her family, and she won’t be able to share the same bond with them from now on. Though you cannot avoid this situation,however, you can make it easier for her to live in a country where she has never been before. Here are a few tips in case you do not know how to start off:

  1. Help her stay in touch with her family and friends because this is something she will need the most. The internet can prove to be very helpful in this scenario. Incase her parents do not have the internet available at their home they can get access to internet cafes which are there all around the Philippines. The Internet is now easily accessible onsmartphones too hence making it easier for both your wife and her family. Setting up free messaging services like Whatsapp and Viber will also make it cheap alongside being easy and hence they can talk on a daily basis. Skype calls can be done to when she misses her family lot in order to see what’s going around at her house so that she feels she is a part of that environment.
  2. Help her send back some money to her family. Your wife might want to send some money to her family mostly on special occasions since she is not with them and hence cannot celebrate. You can use which is very easy and cost free. It helps you send money to any Philippines bank account within 24 hours. There are other options available to you can research on them.
  3. Help your wife get access to Filipino media through websites like YouTube. If you live in an area with a large Philippine population, you will find some cable companies which carry channels specially catered t them. The Filipino Channel is a channel available online, and you can watch everything actually by just paying 12 dollars per month. Specially designed for those who do not want to change their cable only for one channel.
  4. Get her all the Filipino food she wants. Stock a lot of rice at home since she will want that at all times. Large cities will have at least one store which offers ingredients Filipinos want. Most of the dishes they cook don’t need anything special except those that you find in normal grocery stores.
  5. Your wife might find it very helpful if she can find some Filipina friends where you live. Search “Filipino American” on your browser, write the name of your city or town and keep finding people from the Filipino community. Once you find these people your wife will discover that they do meet for birthdays and other social events hence, it will help her feel more home like as they will be celebrating the same occasions as her.